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Arnie Mayberg, CPA, PC shared his dream with long term friend and  client Executive Chef Murray Schulman:

The goal is to share our love and enthusiasm for wine, beer, food and the outdoors with other like minded individuals. We decided to bring the people to the source in a way that enlightens and forms lasting bonds. 

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We are perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Guy, Girl and Couples day trips. We excel at Corporate Team Bonding events (must be 21 or older). We are true enthusiasts. Our tour groups are personalized for you, ranging in size between 12-14 people.  Join us at our favorite NJ regional Wineries, Breweries and Eateries. Yes, we are different than most and we are proud of it. 




I am a dedicated professional with over twenty years at the executive and/or director level. Recently retired, I have redirected my focus in an effort to help you meet and exceed your business, leadership and personal goals and objectives through our business consultation services. We provide the exposure that you want through  web building, e-commerce, social media marketing and search engine optimization. 

Deliver "knock your socks off" customer service through our team building and training programs. WOW your customers and clients with imaginative business ideas, processes and presentations. Take your leadership skills to the next level through hard hitting one on one individual brainstorming or group leadership training. I operate a dynamic multi tiered start-up enterprise. You can take advantage of the same learnable skills that generated powerful results throughout my career and are exploding my current endeavors.   

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